Strategic planning for digital marketing

Why brands need to plan a digital marketing strategy?

Experience-Driven Branding

From our experience and awareness of changing marketing rules, audience and market behavior, we have come to realize that businesses today no longer differentiate based on product type or price, but on the quality of the experience they provide to the public, which is summarized in the customer experience.

Customer-Centric Success

If you can convince customers by satisfying all their expectations, desires, and preferences during their journey with your brand, you will gain an advantage over your competitors and find the ability to share market share.
But the question is: What do your customers really want? How can you realize this, and what are the ways to work towards achieving it in the best way?


Measuring Success: Strategic Planning Service Key Metrics

Brands that implement our Strategic Planning for Digital Marketing service experience an average 20% increase in overall business growth, driven by targeted and well-executed strategies.

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Market Share Expansion

witness an average 15% growth in market share within target industry.
Engagement Surge

Strategic Success Stories

Our experience has given us many important recommendations and results, including: High-quality digital experiences need a strategy to lead. We have helped numerous clients create actionable and verifiable digital roadmaps, launch new websites, and create logos, marketing and experiences that help them compete and achieve the best results.

The challenge is always to be able to meet the expectations of the audience, through elaborate strategic marketing planning.

Video & Animation Impact

There are many great reasons to use video and animation for your brand. About 87% of businesses use video in their content marketing, which makes sense when you consider that businesses can increase revenue 49% faster using this approach. Today, everyone has the ability to watch mobile video at home, at work, or on a computer.

Power of Video Storytelling
Whether you want to create awareness around an issue, explain your idea, present your brand/product/service, want to increase engagement on social media platforms, the storytelling power of video and animation is undoubtedly a powerful way to get your message across.
Achieve Your Goals
No matter how short or long your story, no matter what ideas or impressions your company wants to share with its audience, animation can display it dynamically, brilliant, attractive, clear and concise by professional designers, to achieve your goals.
Our Services

What we offer in the strategic planning
for digital marketing service

Flexible and permanent

Continuous strategic planning involves iterative experimentation and measurement for step-by-step success, adapting to present and future brand possibilities.

We understand your

Thorough Customer Analysis: Studying motives, behavior, decisions, preferences, and data to visualize key customer categories for effective targeting.

Evaluation and

Adapting Strategies: Balancing a vital marketing plan with timely adjustments and improvements guided by data ensures effective current and future plans.

Actionable Strategy

Effective Marketing Strategy: Actionable, measurable plans crafted in collaboration with our team, striking a balance between risks and rewards
Our Work

Bringing Imagination to Life

The mechanism of work of strategic planning for digital marketing service in Andalus Media

Our experience enables us to effectively create data-driven marketing strategies and customer journey within our marketing plans across a wide range of indicators and reports.

Data collection and analysis

Cold and hard facts revealed

Data is at the heart of every marketing strategy. By pulling data from every source available to you, the performance of previous marketing campaigns, competitor research, customer interviews, surveys and many different tools, we get to know your audience, identify the challenges, obstacles and problems we may face, and begin to formulate appropriate ideas and solutions.

Study the audience and competitors

Dive deeper into your market

Attracting audience requires understanding their needs, challenges, and preferences. Through our extensive research on your audience, we discover what issues your audience faces and what makes them qualified or motivated to accept or decline certain marketing messages, so we can connect with them and make a lasting impression.

Your competitors are hungry for the same customers. Through competitive analysis we explore an understanding of the landscape, as we begin to identify where your business can find the real competition, and the real unique opportunity to succeed and excel.

Strategy Development

Where creativity and science are mixed

Data is essential, but the real challenge is finding opportunities, generating ideas, and transforming this data into realistic steps and steps that provide real solutions. It also contributes to identifying new and innovative ways to understand and engage your key audiences and turn them into qualified potential customers.

Your strategy is summarized in a presentation that diagnoses the challenges facing your brand, identifies the visions that underpin our solution, and provides an appropriate roadmap for achieving it.

Choosing the best marketing channels

Data-Driven Design Refinement

No matter how interesting the free or paid marketing platforms and channels are, we at Andalus Media do not take this as a measure, but rather use data and experience to assess where marketing will have the greatest impact.

We will then produce a marketing plan to use each of these channels to the fullest.

A strategy for you and your business

Unique solutions that we clearly provide and an integrated implementation mechanism

We understand that each client has its own characteristics and advantages related to its audience, competitors, and most importantly the business and the value he will provide.

Therefore, we provide plans for you based on all the previous stages, to stand ready to answer any questions and explain how and why the strategic steps are adopted in the plan. After the initial presentation, the team remains ready to provide all information and answers regarding the mechanism for implementing and achieving the plan, with indicators and evaluation mechanisms by which performance will be measured.

Evaluation and Improvement

Make improvements by measuring performance

Wherever possible, we avoid treating strategies as a solid or immutable block. The world of digital marketing is a complex, difficult and constantly changing world, and the strategy must be a living element capable of responding to all these data and circumstances.

At Andalus Media we aim to revisit marketing strategies regularly so that we can take new data into account, assess if there is important and new information and data, and adjust the path accordingly.

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